Samuel Jaques
University of Waterloo | Department of Combinatorics and Optimization
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QRAM: A survey and critique.

Samuel Jaques and Arthur G. Rattew. Preprint only.


ALLOSAUR: Accumulator with Low-Latency Oblivious Sublinear Anonymous credential Updates with Revocations.

Samuel Jaques, Michael Lodder, and Hart Montgomery. Preprint only.

Quantum Period Finding against Symmetric Primitives in Practice

Xavier Bonnetain and Samuel Jaques. In TCHES 2022.


Leveraging state sparsity for more efficient quantum simulations

Samuel Jaques and Thomas Häner. ACM Transactions on Quantum Computing.

The SQALE of CSIDH: Square-root vélu Quantum-resistant isogeny Action with Low Exponents

Jorge Chávez-Saab, Jesús-Javier Chi-Domínguez, Samuel Jaques, and Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez. Journal of Cryptographic Engineering.

Time-release Cryptography from Minimal Circuit Assumptions

Samuel Jaques, Hart Montgomery, Arnab Roy, and Razvan Rosie. Indocrypt 2021.


Offloading Quantum Computation by Superposition Masking

Samuel Jaques and Craig Gidney. Preprint only.

Low-gate quantum golden collision finding

Samuel Jaques and André Schrottenloher. SAC 2020.

Improved Quantum Circuits for Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithms

Thomas Häner, Samuel Jaques, Michael Naehrig, Martin Roetteler, and Mathias Soeken. PQCrypto 2020.

Implementing Grover oracles for quantum key search on AES and LowMC

Samuel Jaques, Michael Naehrig, Martin Roetteler, and Fernando Virdia. Eurocrypt 2020.


Quantum Cost Models for Cryptanalysis of Isogenies

Master's thesis at the University of Waterloo.

Quantum cryptanalysis in the RAM model: Claw-finding attacks on SIKE

Samuel Jaques and John M. Schanck. Crypto 2019. Won "Best Young Researcher Paper".


Eventually Entanglement Breaking Maps

Mizanur Rahaman, Samuel Jaques, and Vern Paulsen. Journal of Mathematical Physics 59, 062201. (Preprint)

Spectral Properties of Tensor Products of Channels

Samuel Jaques and Mizanur Rahaman. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 465(2) (Preprint)

Fidelity of Density Operators in an Operator-Algebraic Framework

Douglas Farenick, Samuel Jaques, and Mizanur Rahaman. Journal of Mathematical Physics 57, 102202. (Preprint)